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Bird Island Seychelles CREDIT Raymond Sahuquet-Seychelles Tourism Board

Bird island

Whether you enjoy a sunset stroll along pristine sandy beaches, nature walks in the dense tropical forest or diving rich coral gardens, the paradise of Bird Island is a magical Island destination with magnificent scenery and fascinating wildlife experiences.

The Bounty of Bunaken CREDIT Aleks Bartnicka4

Bounty of Bunaken

Whether you enjoy feeling the sand between your toes as you take long walks on the beach, the thrill of a night dive as a spotted eagle ray lurks in the shadows or the nostalgia that comes with diving a sunken WWII shipwreck, Bunaken National Park is sure to exceed your expectations.

Cocos The Island of Sharks

Cocos The Island of Sharks

Thrilling drift dives, steep vertical walls, blue water diving and deep pinnacles categorize the many superb dive sites in the Cocos but the hundreds of patrolling hammerhead sharks are what make the Cocos island world renowned.

Cruise the Glaciers of Greenland CREDIT Christine Zenino

Cruise Glaciers of Greenland

Cruise through a maze of rugged icebergs, beneath a curtain of fog that slowly dissolves as you glide through it, revealing giant glass-like glaziers that stretch across the horizon and tower high into the crystal clear blue sky. If you get close enough to these majestic sculptures you may even have an opportunity to hear the low rumble and cracking of ice, as an iceberg breaks off and plunges into the steel blue sea.

Full Moon Dinners CREDIT Gili Lankanfushi

Full Moon Dinners

Visitors to the Maldives can enjoy a charming fine dining experience. On the sandy beach front, beside tranquil water and under the starlit sky is where your private full moon dinner awaits. Surrounded by the dim glow of candle lights and the sound of the gentle motion of the waves, as they tease the shoreline and tickle your toes, creates the perfect setting for an evening of luxury, romance and relaxation.

Dining Adrift CREDIT Tongabezi

Islands of the Indian Ocean

For those dreaming of island holidays with powder sand beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, towering palms trees and lapping azure waters then a getaway to one of the many Indian Ocean Islands can make your dreams a reality.

Lake of Stars Bed CREDIT Nkwichi

Lake of Stars Bed

A magical night’s sleep under the starry African sky

Misool Eco Resort CREDIT Tobias Zimmer

Misool Eco resort

The Misool Eco Resort offers blissfully secluded accommodation in one of the most bio-diverse diving regions in the world

The Museum of Living Species Galapagos CREDIT Jennifer Crossman Adventure Life

Museum of living species Galapagos

These remote volcanic islands, with their unique and fascinating endemic species, continue to inspire and amaze visitors today, just as they inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution over 200 years ago.

Mystical Cinque Terre

Mystical Cinque Terre

A charming collection of rustic coastal villages.

Palau CREDIT Manuel Lazcano


The enchanting islands of Palau with lush tropical rainforests, dense mangrove swamps and pristine sandy beaches house many hidden treasures. From brightly coloured exotic birdlife to ancient stone monoliths, and saltwater crocodiles to historic WWII tank and plane skeletons, exploring the Palau Islands is a spectacular experience not to be soon forgotten.

Remote Raja Ampat CREDIT Misool

Raja Ampat The Realm of the Four Kings

Positioned within the world’s coral triangle, Raja Ampat is a dive enthusiast paradise, offering some of the richest bio and coral diversities in the world. Whether you enjoy spotting fascinating tiny critters on a muck dive, the thrill of a drift dive past pelagics or simply admiring the magnificent underwater scenery, Raja Ampat will spoil you for choice.

A Table for Two Bazaruto CREDIT Rani Resorts

Table for Two Bazaruto

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

The Dragons of Komodo CREDIT Douglas Seifert

The Dragons of Komodo

Komodo National Park boasts breath-taking scenery with secret coves, magnificent coral gardens and rolling green hills. Also home to the largest reptile in the world, the Komodo dragon, a visit to these islands is sure to delight even the most discerning travellers.

The Estuaries of Inhambane CREDIT Barra Resorts

The Estuaries of Inhambane

The picturesque setting of Inhambane is the ultimate beach holiday getaway, and with a wealth of luxurious accommodation to choose from, along with year round sightings of manta rays and whales sharks, visitors are spoilt for choice.

The Floating Hotel Cuba CREDIT Avalon

The Floating Hotel Cuba

Dive the magnificent waters of Cuba from the comfort of a double deck house boat, The Tortuga.

The Heads of Easter Island CREDIT TAhiti Nui Group

The Heads of Easter Island

The Easter Island statues and the mystery surrounding their creation continue to intrigue visitors today. Satisfy your curiosity while visiting one the most remote and isolated islands in the South Pacific. With its dramatic volcanic landscape, rugged sea cliffs and magnificent beaches, a trip to Easter Island will not only satisfy your curiosity but will far exceed your expectations.

The Last Wild Islands

The Last Wild Islands

Tetepare Island, in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands, is one of the largest uninhabited islands in the South Pacific. Blessed with lush forestry, bordered by metallic black sands and fringed by magnificent turquoise lagoons, this remote island houses many hidden treasures.

The Northern Lights CREDIT Timo Newton Syms

The Northern Lights

Gaze in awe as a kaleidoscope of colours mesmerise onlookers as they light up the sky and dance across the horizon.

The Private Residence  CREDIT Gili Lankanfushi

The Private Residence

A Jewel of the Maldives

The Rock Zanzibar

The Rock Zanzibar

Soak up the sun as you breathe in the fresh sea air while enjoying the catch of the day or a lobster thermidor at a one of a kind restaurant, in the middle of the ocean.

The Sea Villas of  Pangkor Laut CREDIT YTL Hotels

The Sea Villas of Pangkor Laut

On a remote and secluded private island off the west coast of Malaysia lies Pangkor Laut Resort. Nestled comfortably into its rainforest habitat and fringed by turquoise waters and white sandy beach, places this resort in the heart of paradise.

The Underwater Room Pemba CREDIT Manta Resort

The Underwater Room Pemba

A floating hotel room that boasts spectacular scenery. Scan the horizon from the sun deck or admire the depths of the ocean, with its many fascinating sea creatures, from the comfort of your bedroom.


The White Pearl Experience

Luxury, private accommodation in paradise