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The Floating Hotel Cuba

Dive the magnificent waters of Cuba from the comfort of a double deck house boat, The Tortuga.

The best way to dive the Jardines de la Reina is from the comfort of livaboards or houseboats. The Tortuga is a double deck houseboat anchored in a protected channel, close to spectacular dive sites. This provides guests the comfort of living in a hotel while remaining in close proximity to dive sites, allowing divers to reach diving sites within minutes on boats that leave from the Tortuga daily.

The Jardines de la Reina, commonly referred to as the Gardens of the Queen is a magnificent mangrove forest network with spectacular beaches and excellent diving opportunities, housing over 40 dive sites. Beneath the surface divers can expect to find a fascinating variety of sea life including marlins, swordfish, goupers, barracudas, sharks, lobsters and morays. If you’re lucky you may find yourself diving alongside the rare Cuban crocodile, being sure to make diving in Cuba an unforgettable experience!

Recognised as having one of the richest marine biodiversity’s and renowned for close encounters with a large variety of sharks, including silky, blacktip, reef, hammerhead, bull, leopard as well as whale sharks, diving the Gardens of the Queen is sure to exceed your diving dreams. Not only is the Jardines de la Reina home to a large variety of endangered sharks, the national park surrounding it is also home to numerous other endangered species of plant and wildlife, including loggerhead turtles, hawksbill turtles, Cuban crocodiles and black, staghorn and elkhorn corals.

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