Worthy of its title as one of the Seven underwater Wonders of the World, diving the Red Sea, with its lush coral reefs, magnificent sunken wrecks and a dazzling variety of marinelife is a dive enthusiast’s dream come true. Situated between Asia and Africa, the Red Sea begins at the Suez Canal in the North and runs all the way down, past Ethiopia to join the Gulf of Aden in the South. The Northern Red Sea is known for excellent wreck diving opportunities while the Southern Red Sea is known for its huge wall drops, strong currents and thrilling pelagic action.

Diving in the Southern Red Sea is sure to get your adrenaline pumping with regular encounters with sharks, including the oceanic whitetip shark and the hammerhead shark, guaranteed on dives. However, if you are a more reserved diver or would like to take a break from the action Abu Dabbab offers excellent opportunities for diving alongside the rare and docile dugong and ‘Dolphin House Reef’ is home to many playful dolphins.

One of the best places to dive alongside wild dolphins is off the coast of Marsa Alam at Sammadai Reef, also known as ‘Dolphin House’, where over 100 dolphins frequently visit. This semi-circle sheltered reef provides the best conditions for diving, with its crystal clear, calm waters and gentle ocean currents. Since the dolphins are naturally curious, close encounters these intelligent creatures are common.

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