Pemba Island in Tanzania is a tropical Island blessed with temperate Indian Ocean currents and home to lush coral reefs, making it the ultimate getaway. One of the features of the Manta Resort on Pemba Island is the Underwater Manta Room. This floating hotel room can be found just off the coast of Pemba Island in a secluded opening in the coral reef, offering visitors private accommodation with spectacular sea views and fantastic diving opportunities.

The Underwater Manta Room consists of three levels, each with their own unique features. The lower level is fully submerged beneath the water, providing guests with a 360° view of the surrounding coral reef, allowing them to see marinelife up close from the comfort of their room. The deck, at sea level provides guests with a recreational area where they can relax while enjoying magnificent sunsets and the upper roof level functions as a sun deck as well as a star bed. During the day guests can soak up the sun while at night they can star gaze and fall asleep under a sheet of stars as the gentle glow of the moon soothes their souls and the rocking of the ocean current lulls them to sleep. At night giant spotlights light up the area surrounding the hotel creating a mystical turquoise aura while attracting many nocturnal species.

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