The Kona coast of Hawaii is a world class diving destination with magnificent underwater landscapes, populated with lush coral gardens and bordered by intriguing lava formations. World famous for its Manta Night Dive, divers and snorkelers come from all over the world to witness this spectacle.

A Manta Night Dive begins after sunset as divers submerge themselves into the water, all the way down to the sandy ocean floor. Surrounded by powerful spotlights the thrill of the Manta Dive begins as divers wait in anticipation for their first sighting of a manta ray. Attracted by thousands of glistening specs of plankton illuminated by the spotlights, the manta rays slowly begin to reveal themselves from the depths of darkness into the beams of light, circling above divers in preparation for a feast. As the manta rays begin their decent divers will have an opportunity for close encounters as they dive down towards the spotlights, scooping up as much plankton as they can stomach, before pulling up again. This hypnotising display will leave you breathless as the spotlights make for an imaginary underwater wonderland while the manta rays glide gracefully through the beams, performing somersaults and back-flips with ease.

Other Islands in Hawaii, namely Ohio, Big Island, Maui and Kauai also offer a wealth of experiences with breath-taking scenery, from magnificent underwater lava landscapes, home to a fascinating variety of endemic marinelife to pristine sandy beaches bordering smouldering volcanoes. Take a relaxing kayak over crystal clear tranquil waters, a thrilling helicopter ride over an erupting volcano or enjoy the nostalgia of diving a sunken shipwreck, whatever your desire Hawaii will see it come true.

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