Diving with sharks in their natural habitat is an exhilarating experience, sure to get your blood pumping. South Africa is one of the few Great White hot spots in the world, offering excellent diving opportunities with the infamous Great White Shark.

The Gansbaai area, including Dyer Island and the legendary Shark Alley is considered the shark diving capital of the world, offering unparalleled opportunities to observe, encounter and cage dive with sharks, in particular the Great White Shark. The thrill of a close encounter with the most revered predator of the ocean is the ultimate adrenaline filled diving experience.

Cage diving is a common way of getting up close and personal with these fearsome creatures. A cage dive usually begins with throwing a bucket of mashed sardines and fish oil, commonly known as chum, into the ocean to attract sharks to the boat. Once the sharks surround the boat a chunk of bait is attached to a buoy and the cage is lowered into the water. Cage diving does not require any dive experience and all equipment is provided on board, including a wetsuit. A dive can last up to 20 minutes and is usually done in the morning. If you’re lucky you may just get an opportunity to witness the formidable Great White hunting, as it explodes of out the water in an action known as breaching, displaying its sheer strength, agility and speed.

The best time for viewing The Great White Shark is divided into two main seasons. During the months from April to September Great Whites are located around Dryer Island and Geyser Rock, while during the months from September through to March the sharks are predominantly located around Shark Bay. Visibility is generally better during the months from May to August, It is therefore recommended to dive during this period.

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