The idyllic estuaries of Inhambane are located along the magnificent Mozambique coastline, 480km north of the capital, Maputo. The transparent turquoise waters, pristine beaches and multitude of marinelife make Inhambane a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from all walks of life, be it beach lovers, dive enthusiasts, fishermen, holiday makers and honeymooners alike.

The surrounding waters offer something for every diver, from pelagic lovers to macro-life photographers, along with a wealth of dive sites to choose from, including shallow reefs, shipwrecks, pinnacles, wall drops and caves. The Estuaries of Inhambane are internationally recognised for the excellent year round sightings of manta rays and whales sharks. Additionally, this stretch of coastline is a direct migratory route for Humpback and Southern Right whales, who make their way along the coast during the months from June to December.

Although Inhambane offers visitors a wealth of water activities such as diving, canoeing and deep sea fishing, for a change of scenery visitors can also enjoy sunset horse rides on the beach, sand dunning or a trip into one of the vibrant city centre markets.

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