Raja Ampat, translated as the world of the four kings refers to the four main islands found in the East of Indonesia. This archipelago includes the islands of Misool, Salawati, Bantana and Waigeo, along with over 1000 smaller islands. Positioned within the world’s coral triangle Raja Ampat is a dive enthusiast paradise, offering some of the richest bio and coral diversities in the world. Whether you enjoy spotting fascinating tiny critters on a muck dive, the thrill of a drift dive past pelagics or simply admiring the magnificent underwater scenery, Raja Ampat will spoil you for choice.

Bantana is renowned for its macro diving, and is a great location for those who enjoy the challenge of spotting fascinating tiny critters. Here, fresh water channels bless the ocean with nutrient rich water and welcome a dazzling variety of weird looking creatures.

At Magic Mountain you can enjoy close encounters with manta rays as they frequent the cleaning stations along the reef. Witnessing these majestic swimmers is a mesmerising experience that will leave you feeling in awe as they glide elegantly though the water in a hypnotic display of their grace and beauty. Due to the strong ocean currents at this dive site you can also expect strong drift dives, along with thrilling close encounters with pelagics.

On land, the scenery is just as breath-taking as mushroom islands house lush mangrove forests and steel blue seas offer many hidden secrets, including unexplored caves, still lagoons and pristine powder white beaches. A kayak ride through the many weaving channels or a relaxing walk through virgin rainforests is the perfect way to unwind as you lose yourself in the surrounding beauty.

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