Nkwichi Lodge on Lake Malawi in Mozambique offers a unique and unforgettable experience with their “Lake of Stars” Bed. On a small private rock island rests a beautifully decorated bed, perfectly positioned while dimly lit by the soft glow of candle lights, creating the ultimate setting for an evening of luxury and romance. After enjoying a private dinner for two your Star bed awaits you, ready for a magical night’s sleep under the starry African night sky. When you awake a relaxing boat ride to a secluded island is the perfect ending to your evening of romance where a breakfast made just for your enjoyment is beautifully prepared under the shade of a baobab tree on the magnificent Likoma Island.


Lake Malawi is renowned as one of the best tropical freshwater diving destinations in the world, offering visitors fantastic diving opportunities alongside endemic marinelife. The rugged underwater landscape is covered with textured rocks that create magnificent dramatic rock formations, caves and caverns and visibility is fantastic, allowing divers to get close to the brightly coloured endemic cichlids that make the lake their home.

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