Located off the coast of Mozambique, approximately 20km south of Inhambane is the magnificent Manta Reef, named after the large schools of manta rays that frequent the area. The world renowned Manta Reef is definitely something to tick off of your bucket list. With two prominent cleaning stations located along the reef, including Manta Pinnacles and Manta Canon, sightings as well as close encounters with these majestic creatures are guaranteed.

Inhamane and Tofu beach offer some of the best diving in the world. Not only are close encounters with manta rays a frequent occurrence, divers can also get up close and personal with whale sharks and humpback whales. These gentle giants frequent the area during the months from October through to March and humpback whales can be seen as they migrate along the Mozambique coastline during the months from June to October.

The reef’s landscape is rugged and made up of canyons and gullies, covered with colourful soft and hard corals, and home to a dazzling variety of marine life, including large schools of barracuda, docile turtles and giant moray eels.

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