Cave diving allows you to enter a world that doesn’t see much daylight, similar to doing a night dive but with no access to the surface. The crystal clear waters set the scene for a magnificent underwater landscape made up of unique and striking features including stalactites, stalagmites and fossils.  The marine life is also rare and fascinating, having adapted their features to the lack of sunlight. One of the best places in the world for Cave diving is Bonito, a small city located at the Bodoquena Mountain Range in Brazil.

The region’s main attractions are its natural landscapes, amazing fauna and flora and rivers with fresh transparent waters, home to a large variety of fish species that hide in grottos and caves, creating the perfect setting for a thrilling cave dive. There are many caves available for cave diving in Bonito, these include Mimoso Grotto, Buraco das Abelhas and Abismo Anhumas, the biggest underwater cave in the world.

Dives are planned within the limits of certification of each diver, and divers will be accompanied by a local dive instructor that will oversee the entire operation. However, if you’re looking to do full cave penetration then you’ll need to do a cave diving course. Although Bonito is well known for its cave diving it also caterers for divers of varying levels of experience. Another fun experience to try out is ‘Floating’. The rivers of Bonito have a high concentration of calcareous that helps facilitate buoyancy as well as gives the crystal clear waters a beautiful transparency.

The act of ‘Floating’ involves floating on the water while being carried by the stream. Much can still be seen while floating down the tranquil rivers of Bonito as colourful tropical fish and lush underwater flora make for beautiful scenery.

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