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The Distant Shore

Every worldwide underwater destination is as uniquely captivating and diverse as our land based portfolio, and with the wildlife to match, we fell in love. Not bound by convention, we bear testament and continue to share y/our vision as we take you to places that appeal to your sense of wonderment. With no boundaries; the possibilities are endless as it’s the furthest, most unique and most remote corners of the earth that appeal to us. The kind of places that one could’ve only dreamed of.


Hartley’s journey began back in 1820 when Henry Hartley stepped foot on African soil for the first time. Some believe during his explorations he was the first to discover Victoria Falls. At Hartley’s we continue to embody Henry’s legacy in our pioneering spirits and exploratory nature. As a natural extension of our exploratory minds and wondering hearts, we subsequently discovered a whole new world; under the water. Hartley’s Oceans & Islands today is one of the oldest and well known dive tour operator specialists in Southern Africa. It is our personal stories and experiences that have brought us to the realisation of Hartley’s dream in luxury exploration and travel. Through our love for travel we continue to share your vision as we introduce you to the many hidden treasures of the ocean that have captured our hearts.