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Big Fish of the Southern Red Sea

The Southern Red Sea offers a unique and exciting alternative to its northern counterpart. Known for its huge wall drops, strong currents and thrilling pelagic action, diving here is sure to get your blood pumping.

Worthy of its title as one of the Seven underwater Wonders of the World, diving the Southern Red Sea, with its lush coral reefs, magnificent sunken wrecks and a dazzling variety of marinelife is a dive enthusiast’s dream come true.

Situated between Asia and Africa, the Red Sea begins at the Suez Canal in the North and runs all the way down, past Ethiopia to join the Gulf of Aden in the South. The Northern Red Sea is known for excellent wreck diving opportunities, while the Southern Red Sea is known for its pelagic action. Large pelagics are attracted to the dives sites due to the strong oceanic currents, making regular close encounters with sharks guaranteed on dives. Famous dive sites include Daedalus Reef, St John’s Reef, Marsa Alam and the waters off the coast of Sudan.

If the multitude of marine life with over 1000 species of invertebrates and over 1,100 species of fish does not get you excited then the magnificent coral gardens, huge wall drops, strong currents and thrilling pelagic action will. It’s not surprising why the Red Sea is considered one of the best diving destinations in the world with marine lovers, photographers and leisure seekers travelling from all over to experience and explore its many wonders and hidden secrets.

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