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Magic of Muck

Famous for muck diving, Lembeh is perfect for those who like to discover the small and strange looking creatures that conceal themselves in the many crevices, caves and sunken shipwrecks.

In the island nation of Indonesia, between the city of Bitung, Northern Sulawesi, and the island of Lembeh, lie the magnificent waters of the Lembeh Strait. Renowned as the ‘muck diving capital of the world’ Lembeh Strait provides visitors with a once in a lifetime opportunity for seeing creatures and critters that are difficult to find anywhere else in the world. Protected by Lembeh Island and therefore void of nearly all currents, makes it the perfect location for muck diving. Lists are unavoidable when an area has such a vast array of unusual marine life. Creatures that can regularity be seen include the hairy frog fish, pygmy seahorse, thorny seahorse, mimic octopus, wunderpus, fire worm, peacock mantis shrimp, many nudibranchs and molluscs and even rhinopias.

You will have to keep your eyes peeled as you patiently scan the landscape in search of the many fascinating species of critters. Remember to bring your camera as Lembeh makes the perfect setting for macro photography, making the time spent delicately searching, well spent. There are also thrilling night dives where you can spot many nocturnal creatures such as crabs, worms, cuttlefish and many others.

Lembeh is also the final resting place for four wrecks. Relish in the nostalgia of diving sunken WWII shipwrecks as they lie dormant along the sandy ocean floor, now transformed into magnificent structures covered in corals and home to many creatures.

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