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Expedition Antarctica

Antarctica’s winter wonderland landscape boasts breathtaking scenery with towering snow dusted mountains, glistening glaziers and sculptured icebergs.

The icy continent of Antarctica is ranked the fifth largest continent in the world and recognised as Earth’s southernmost continent. Its frozen expanse of desert is pure and pristine, largely untouched by humans, providing the perfect opportunities for a voyage into unchartered territory. With extreme weather conditions from rough sea crossings to windswept landscapes, all in sub-zero temperatures an expedition to Antarctica, although challenging, is an exhilarating experience fit for adventure lovers and adrenaline junkies.

Antarctica’s dramatic landscape, from the floating sheets of ice at Weddell Sea to the sunken caldera at Deception Island, offers many exciting activities. Weave on your kayak through an icy maze covered in icebergs or camp in a tent along the barren snow dusted landscape. Other activities include rock climbing, ice diving, as well as swimming in warm volcanic waters, with temperatures reaching 70°C in some places!

From breath-taking underwater scenery with waving walls of kelp and sculptured ice bergs to a fascinating variety of unique sealife, including large colonies of penguins, pods of leopard seals and killer whales as well as flocks of migratory birds, diving in Antarctica is truly a magical experience that will leave you feeling in awe.

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