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Rays of the Pacific

Palm fringed powder sand beaches, scattered islands of emerald green, volcanic archipelagos and azure waters are the enduring images of the Pacific. Recognised as the world’s largest ocean, the Pacific is a vast expanse of sea, home to some of the best diving locations in the world.

The Pacific Ocean stretches between the Arctic and Antarctica, with Asia and Australia to the west, and the Americas to the east. The oldest, largest and deepest of all the world’s ocean basins, the Pacific covers nearly a third of the world’s surface.

An estimated 20,000 to 30,000 islands are found in the Pacific Ocean and include a combination of larger, continental islands and archipelagos of smaller volcanic islands and coral atolls. These palm fringed islands are as diverse as the region is vast and habitats of the islands vary greatly, from lush rain forests, mangrove swamps and active volcanoes to rocky and dessert landscapes. The marine life is equally as diverse, from tiny micro critters to large pelagics.

Some of the best diving spots in the Pacific include Fiji, renowned for its magnificent soft coral reefs and tiger sharks. Papau New Guinea, dubbed the ‘underwater photographers paradise’, home to one of the highest concentrations of marine life in the world, pristine dive sites and sunken shipwrecks. Tahiti’s inviting lagoons, remote white sand beaches and oceanic drop offs that attract large pelagics. Palau, home to the world famous Jellyfish Lake and Blue Corner. Yap, famed for its Mata Rays and last, but not least, the eerie underwater graveyard of Truuk Lagoon.

With a wide variety of dive sites and equally diverse marine life, there are endless possibilities while diving the Pacific and a range of experiences to suit every desire.

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